Those of us who join the Mothers of Mercy are guided by the Holy Trinity whose presence in our heart and mind as a sacred heritage is profound. Our life of prayer and penitence is fulfilled by the mission we have been asked to do: redemption of freedom for mankind by our everlasting gift to the Father in the Son by the Holy Spirit.
Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Monastery of La Merced in Lañomendi, Loiu (Lujua) is an ideal location for: - Peaceful, happy and harmonious life.- Work and penitence; a place for conversion and purification.- Silence and permanently listening to God. Our Community is a family gathered in the name of the Lord and in spiritual union with all mankind.
Praying under its diverse forms is the backbone of our life. We pray most of the day because for us prayers are our history in relation with God and a means of intercession on behalf of the whole world.
We always carry out our daily routine in an atmosphere of peace, silence and prayer in which we happily celebrate Holy Mass together with other liturgical activities. Throughout the day God provides us with time to go about our household chores, work in the monastery bakery-patisserie and so forth. We give spiritual and material attention to the people who stay at our B&B accommodation. There is also time for study, rest and leisure.
The Community of the Mothers of Mercy at Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Monastery of La Merced have their own Bakery and Patisserie and make a wide range of products to serve both individual customers or companies by calling +34 94 4541366 or personal collection.
La Merced, La Casa, San Marcos, San Ramón, Black Forest, Brazo Gitano, Mascot, Moka, Apple, Trufa, Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon, Kiwi, Basco, Rice.
Bun Products
Butter, Cream Sponge Cakes, Pastry.
Christmas Desserts
Cakes, Tronco de Navidad, Pastel Ruso.
Sokonuzko, Pan de Cádiz, Trays of Assorted Turrones, Chocolate Liqueur, Mazapán with Dry Fruit, Mazapán with Jamlike Fruit, Chocolate with Dry Fruit.
Other Desserts
Naranjitos, Christmas Tree, Rocks of Lañomendi, Chocolates, Glorias, Roscón de Reyes with or without Cream.
Monasterio de las Mercedarias. Larrakoetxe Nº17. 48180 Loiu (Lujua). Vizcaya. ESPAÑA. Tel. +34 94 454 13 66
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