The Community of the Mothers of Mercy at Saint Joseph’s Roman Catholic Monastery of La Merced has been running a comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation (Hospedería Monástica) for many years. Thousands upon thousands of people have stayed here and have frequently stated their unforgettable experience of peace and silence.It is an ideal place: - For those who want a break from their daily routine and live in silence ‘listening to God’. - For those due to the stress of modern life wish to enjoy an atmosphere of calm and silence. - For the traveller who is looking for an accommodation where to stay.
The Monastery Accommodation – B&B has its own free car park and offers nine bedrooms (three with a double bed and six with two single beds). In each room there is a bathroom, TV connection and wireless ADSL internet access for your laptop or personal computer. There are balconies in most rooms and large windows from which you can see an immense and beautiful horizon. At the Accommodation there is a dining-room, lounge and a small prayer room for whom would like to be close to God.
Likewise, the Community of the Mothers of Mercy welcomes all who wish to attend the following daily eucharistic celebrations: Holy Mass, Laúdes (Morning Psalms), Vísperas (Evening Psalms), Holy Rosary. The Monastery Chapel is open all day for anyone wanting to visit it or pray before the HOLY SACRAMENT.Furthermore, the monastery has large rooms available for its customers where to organise meetings or conferences among other activities or even sessions of yoga.
Rates and Methods of Payment EUR 25.00 (VAT included) per room and breakfast per day. For lengthy stays we offer a substantial reduction on the aforementioned rate (please enquire). We also serve lunch and dinner prior booking. Payment can be made in cash in Euro (EUR), Sterling Pounds (GBP) or American Dollars (US$) or by banker’s draft in Euro upon making your reservation. However, we do not accept credit cards.
Monasterio de las Mercedarias. Larrakoetxe Nº17. 48180 Loiu (Lujua). Vizcaya. ESPAÑA. Tel. +34 94 454 13 66
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